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DocSolutionUSA is a leading nationwide provider of document preparation and recording services, offering signing solutions for most servicers and major firms, including MERS.

DocSolutionUSA offers release, assignment, and modification document preparation, tracking, recording, execution coordination, assignment chain and collateral review. DocSolutionUSA offers API integration with many clients, SaaS workflow offering, branding, in addition to integration with ProTitleUSA for AVRs and all search types.

Services We Provide

Document Preparation and Recording Service Document Preparation and Recording Service

At DocSolutionUSA, we take pride in presenting our avant-garde document preparation platform, a fusion of technology and compliance, designed to streamline your real estate documentation process. Our platform is akin to a master key, offering instant access to a suite of attorney-vetted, region-specific forms, ensuring adherence to both state and county regulations.

Custodian Services Custodian Services

DocSolutionUSA is proud to provide specialized custodian services, catering specifically to the safekeeping needs of various loan files. This service is tailored for non-securitization purposes, encompassing a wide range of loan types. Whether it's for residential or commercial real estate loans, auto loans, or personal loans, our custodian solutions are designed to offer secure and reliable management of these essential documents.

Curative Services Curative Services

DocSolutionUSA stands out in its ability to not only detect problems in real estate recording documents but also in presenting a range of effective remedial solutions. We are trusted by our clients to provide tailored services on a selective, as-needed basis. These services include the preparation and recording of corrective and gap assignments, ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed. We also specialize in the re-recording of documents, making necessary corrections to names, legal descriptions, or document references, in all applicable jurisdictions.

Full Collateral File Reviews Full Collateral File Reviews

DocSolutionUSA boasts a wealth of experience in conducting comprehensive reviews for a variety of loan files, including real estate loans, auto loans, and personal (unsecured) loans. This expertise is leveraged through the use of the One Diligence software platform. As a current vendor for major services, we specialize in managing Claim 22 assignments to HUD for reverse mortgages.

Instant Modification Document Generator Instant Modification Document Generator

Leveraging our vast national expertise in document preparation and recording, alongside our state-of-the-art technology for swift document generation (presently focused on releases and assignments), we are proud to introduce our latest innovation - the Instant Modification Document Generator. This new offering is capable of producing a modification agreement in mere seconds, all while maintaining affordability. This blend of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness sets our new product apart in the realm of document generation solutions.

Assignment of mortgage services Assignment of Mortgage Services

DocSolutionUSA provides a comprehensive service across the United States, specializing in the preparation, tracking, and recording of assignments for a diverse clientele including lenders, funds, servicers, and investors. Our expertise extends beyond the continental US, as we are adept at preparing and recording documents in territories such as Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, when our clients' needs dictate, DocSolutionUSA proudly offers registered signing services for MERS, ensuring a complete and seamless service experience.

Assignment verification reports Assignment Verification Reports

DocSolutionUSA is pleased to offer the Assignment Verification Report (AVR), a specialized service designed to meticulously confirm the integrity of the assignment chain for a given mortgage. This verification process ensures that there are no disruptions or flaws in the chain that might necessitate any corrective or curative measures. Our AVR service is dedicated to providing thorough and accurate verification to maintain the continuity and legal standing of mortgage assignments.

Lien Release Lien Release

DocSolutionUSA tracks the release document timelines to be within state specific requirements after the payoff of the mortgage. In fact, DocSolutionUSA received a 100% compliance vendor management report card from all servicers we work with.

Custody Bank Services Custody Bank Services

At DocSolutionUSA, we meticulously monitor the timelines for release documents, ensuring they align perfectly with the specific regulatory requirements of each state following the payoff of a mortgage. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our performance, as evidenced by achieving a 100% compliance rating in vendor management from every servicer we have partnered with. This accomplishment underscores our dedication to upholding the highest standards in our operations and client services.

Document Tracking Document Tracking

DocSolutionUSA provides comprehensive document tracking throughout each phase of the recording process, ensuring meticulous oversight and management at every step.

Mortgage Loan Modification Mortgage Loan Modification

Need a document modified pronto? DocSolutionUSA has got you covered with our lightning-fast modification document generator. Whether you're into API or prefer a hybrid SaaS approach, we've tailored our services for your convenience. Our clients enjoy the freedom to enter data and perform quality checks right on our platform.

Recording Real Estate Documents Recording Real Estate Documents

We proudly offer comprehensive document recording services across the entire United States, including in Puerto Rico. Our specialty lies in not just recording documents, but also in generating and preparing these documents meticulously on behalf of our clients. Our team ensures that each document meets the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Notarial and Authentication Services Notarial and Authentication Services

At DocSolutionUSA, we provide a comprehensive suite of notarial services, encompassing both traditional in-person and advanced e-notarial options. Our capabilities extend to managing an extensive network of mobile notaries, ensuring streamlined and efficient execution of documents and witness signings across the United States. To uphold the highest standards of service, we continuously monitor and adapt to the latest notarization requirements. This vigilance allows us to maintain an up-to-date checklist for mobile notarization and document execution, which is meticulously included with the documents designated for signature.

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